How To Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Video Downloader

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to download YouTube videos from YouTube? Downloading YouTube videos is a great way to watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have internet access. In this guide, we will show you how to download videos from YouTube in just a few easy steps.

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that helps users easily view, like, comment, and upload any video. Whether promoting a product or providing information to students, it provides a great way to interact with your audience.

Learn how to download YouTube videos using YouTube Video Downloader YouTube Premium for Android, iPhone, Tool, and PC. We’ll also explore how to edit downloaded YouTube videos with ClipChamp’s free online video editor.

Downloading videos violates YouTube’s terms and conditions but is not always illegal.

According to YouTube’s terms of service, you may not “access, reproduce, download, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, modify, alter, or otherwise use any portion of the Service or any other content: (a) expressly provided by the Service; authorized; or (b) the prior written permission of YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holder.

The company believes videos posted on the platform are only property and should be used and streamed somewhat as needed. But that’s not the end of it. There are some fair practices that you can start before even thinking of downloading any YouTube video.

1. Since YouTube has become mainstream for many users and offers a wide range of tutorial videos, it can be used for learning, teaching, etc.

2. Try getting permission from the owner to avoid copyright issues. (Applicable to both video and audio clips/videos)

3. You can download videos not tagged as “copyrighted” to reproduce the content.

4. Downloading videos to your mobile device using YouTube Premium is illegal, as you cannot distribute these videos.

5. There are endless resources for common domains produced for general use. Downloading such videos should help with legal issues.


1. Finding a music video and downloading it as an MP3 will create a music file. The music may not be of the best quality because it comes from a video, not a high-quality audio format

2. Please be patient! Depending on your internet speed, even a one-minute video can take two to three minutes to download.

Download YouTube videos with YouTubeToMP3Convertr

YouTubeToMP3Convertr is the fastest YouTube downloader tool that allows you to easily convert and download videos and audio from YouTube for free and in the best available quality. YouTubeToMP3Convertr is the ultimate Tool for downloading unlimited YouTube videos without any registration.

 You can quickly convert and download hundreds of video and music files directly from YouTube and other social media websites. We support all audio and video formats like MP3, MP4, M4V, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, WMV, AVI, etc. The best thing is that it is completely free.

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How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubeToMP3Convertr?

1. Open YouTube and copy the video URL you want to download.

2. Paste the video URL in the Search box. The Tool will fetch video info.

3. Select the Video or Audio quality you need and click the “Convert” button

4. After completing the conversion, hit the “Download” button.

5. Once the video is downloaded, you can play it whenever and wherever you want.

Download YouTube videos with YouTube Premium

One of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos and avoid illegal downloads is to sign up for YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is a paid service that allows subscribers to download unlimited YouTube videos and music and watch content offline or without ads. 

After signing up, users get a 3-month free trial and then pay a monthly fee if they want to continue downloading YouTube videos.

Signing up for YouTube Premium is a straightforward process. All you need to do is log in to your existing YouTube account, click on your profile picture, and then click Purchases and Memberships.

Here’s how to download and watch YouTube videos with YouTube Premium: 

1. Start the YouTube app or open YouTube in a browser and make sure you’re signed in and subscribed to YouTube Premium.

2. Find the video you want to download and select the (three-dot menu) below the video. In the dropdown menu, select (Download).

If you’re using the YouTube app on a mobile device, the menu item is labeled Download Videos. If you tap the video to start playback, you can also tap the download button below the video.

To play the downloaded video:

1. (In a browser): In the menu on the left side of the screen, click (Download), then click to start playing the downloaded video

2. (On a mobile device): Tap the (Library) tab at the bottom of the screen, then tap (Download) Tap to start playing the video.

Download YouTube videos on iPhone

The YouTube app for iPhone with YouTube Premium access lets you download directly to your iPhone camera roll.

To avoid buying a YouTube Premium subscription:

  1. Download Riedel’s Documents for free from the App Store.
  2. Tap Documents, tap Browser, then open SaveFrom.
  3. Insert the YouTube video link.
  4. Download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad.

Download YouTube videos with VLC Player

VLC is a top-rated open-source video player for Windows PC and Mac. This Tool can play almost all multimedia file formats, audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs. The software supports a wide range of audio compression methods.

Install VLC and then follow these steps to download a YouTube video: 

Step 1) Go to and open the video you like to download. Copy the video URL.

Step 2) Double-click the “VLC media player” shortcut on the Desktop.

Step 3) Go to the Media and click the ‘Open Network Stream’ option.

Step 4) You will see a page with a text editor.

     1. Paste the copied YouTube video URL you have to download.

     2. Click on the Play button.

Step 5) Go to Tools and click on Codec Information. A new window will open as below.

Copy the information from the location textbox at the bottom of the page.

Step 6) Copy-paste the URL into a web browser and press enter. Right-click on the video and select ‘save video as’ to store the video on your PC.

Note: VLC player will save your video file as 1080p. Although the YouTube stream is available in 2160p or 1440p, it does not allow higher resolution storage. This Tool will not convert your video to any other format.

Download YouTube videos for Chromebook

To download a YouTube video to your Chromebook, ensure your device has the Google Play Store. Download the YouTube app from the Google Play Store. 

For Android and iPhone, click the download button on the YouTube video. Downloaded YouTube videos will appear in your gallery.

If you don’t have the YouTube app on your Chromebook, download YouTube videos using a third-party service.


Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

Yes. Downloading videos from YouTube is legal if you purchase a YouTube Premium subscription. You may face potential legal and ethical issues if you are appropriately downloaded. But YouTube has never sued anyone for breaking the terms. Always consider YouTube’s copyright policy before downloading YouTube videos.

Download YouTube videos in just a few clicks

Downloading YouTube videos lets you watch them without an internet connection and allows you to use the videos in your video editing. You can also download YouTube gaming videos, like Twitch clips, to add to your video content.

Ready to start downloading YouTube videos?

With our helpful tips and tricks, you can legally download YouTube videos and watch them whenever you need. Create entertaining videos from your YouTube downloads with ClipChamp.

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